The dance lessons at Murphy Sports are creative and fun with a focus on introducing all students to a variety of dance and music.
Our dance programs are dynamic, lots of fun and include all the elements of dance such as space, time, relationships and dynamics.

Our energetic and qualified Dance Instructors and PDHPE Teachers, ensure that every student will grow their confidence levels and skills in dance

PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes


DAES1.1 DAES1.2, DAES1.7, PDe-4, PDe-8, PDe-11


DAS1.1 DAS1.2, DAS1.7, PD1-4, PD1-8, PD1-11


DAS2.1 DAS2.2, DAS2.7, PD2-4, PD2-8, PD2-11


DAS3.1 DAS3.2, DAS3.7, PD3-4, PD3-8, PD3-11