Fitness PE

Our Fitness PE Program is geared towards supporting the physical and mental well being of every student. Our lessons focus on fundamental movement skills as well as teaching about self-awareness and healthy lifestyles

Our experienced and NESA accredited teachers utilise only the very latest of sports equipment and modern lesson plans to deliver the best lessons to primary schools across Sydney.

PDHPE Syllabus Outcomes


PDe-1, PDe-2, PDe-3, PDe-4, PDe-5, PDe-7, PDe-8, PDe-9, PDe-10, PDe-11


PD1-1, PD1-2, PD1-4, PD1-5, PD1-6, PD1-8, PD1-9, PD1-10, PD1-11


PD2-1, PD2-1, PD2-4, PD2-5, PD2-8, PD2-9, PD2-10


PD3-3, PD3-4, PD3-5, PD3-8, PD3-9, PD3-10, PD3-11