Murphy Sports – Athletics

Track and Field – Why participate ?

In general participating in games and sports produces lessons in life, such as teamwork, responsibility, self-confidence and self-discipline to name just a few. Sport and school sports programs assist students in preparation for life’s challenges.

Sport enhances the physical and mental abilities of students and help them achieve the goals of their life

Participation in primary school and particularly high school athletics enhance not only the physical but also the mental abilities of individual students, helping them to achieve goals in life

Ready To Get Active

Physical education and athletics, both track and field, are a major component of education that emphasises the importance of movement and physical fitness pllus provides opportunities for students to challenge their skills. Emphasising these values to students can ultimately make them develop and stick with good habits of living a healthy life and assist with their self-belief and confidence. On top of all, active student will generally face fewer health risks down the ‘track’

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