Murphy Sports – Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

What are FMS and why focus on them?

FMS such as running, jumping, overhand throwing and catching are the foundations upon which all other movement skills and sports are built. Children who have insufficient FMS competency are less likely to acquire more complex and sports-specific movement skills in their growing years.

A quality fundamental movement program delivered in Primary schools can greatly improve the development of these basic skills

Examples of Fundamental Movement Skills include:

  • locomotor and non-locomotor skills —, sliding, rolling, running, leaping, jumping, jogging, balancing, hopping, skipping. galloping and dodging
  • object control skills — bouncing, striking, catching, kicking and throwing,

elevator ball challenge

What is the difference between a fundamental and a  specialized movement skill?

Fundamental are well, fundamental whereas specialized movement skills are required in more organised activities and games such as fielding a ground ball in cricket or trapping a ball in football.

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